COVID-19 Impact on Resourcing

Not a single person has gone untouched by the impact of COVID-19 and it is heart-warming to see how many people are reaching, extending helping hands across a myriad of different ways. Lockdown has forced so many people to become digitally adept and this is an environment in which OpenSource has worked for many years.

Our seasoned and experienced recruitment team continues business as usual, despite the unusual circumstances.  Traditionally our business has been based on our team working remotely, bridging continents to support our client requirements and recruiting consultants worldwide to fulfil positions.  What has changed however, is that ‘business unusual’ means this has increased the number of hours our recruiters usually spent at tasks to sustain our service levels, for which I admire and thank them for their dedication and their spirit of willingness to do so.  

My gratitude extends similarly to our teams of SAP Consultants who have also made the transition smoothly, seasoned to work from anywhere and often under extraordinary circumstances.

Many of our consultants have the advantage of experience of working on and communicating with teams working internationally.  SAP projects have been successfully delivered in this manner despite differences in culture, language, and ways of thinking and most often consultants working from remote locations. OpenSource is extremely proud to be associated with these experienced consultants, particularly from our South African base. Our commitment to support them wherever we can, is emphasised.

The pandemic has resulted in a number of clients holding off on permanent positions.  These clients still however require our support and we are working and thinking through innovative ways to deploy services. Short term ad-hoc consulting is one such service in demand, as well as staffing contract resources for upcoming projects.  Many clients realise now more than ever that they need IT support in critical areas and are seeking ways to onboard consultants.

It has been a pleasure engaging with clients that are excited to discuss resource onboarding ideas and future training plans, as well as potential training delivery options, many of which are excitingly innovative. Some of our clients are operating under ‘business as usual’ conditions, while others have needed to adapt, but all remain positive with regard to their future plans for IT services.

What various lockdown circumstances has highlighted and this has particularly resonated with me, is that women are excelling at meeting their commitments while at home. Their extraordinary ability to remain devoted as mothers, wives, daughters and family touchstones is inspirational and highlights them as competent and committed.  

Through my on-line engagements with our clients, consultants and recruiters, I have encountered a stronger bond than ever. We are empathetic and it seems, we have more time to reach out to one another despite differing home environments.  On a more light-hearted note, given we are not in the work environment, we excuse our casual grooming and move ahead with the task at hand.

The current climate is creating an environment of genuine camaraderie and not just among individuals but also among businesses that recognise long-standing suppliers that they have confidence in and can rely on to deliver.  This is cementing those relationships and highlighting organisations that continue to sustain their values and excel at the provision of their services. 

OpenSource is proud to have provided more than 26 years of successful and dependable business services to our clients and consultants and we value their ongoing support.  We give our assurance that our teams are actively working and continue to extend our commitment to service excellence. Our sustained quality to delivery is, as always, just a touch away, albeit it across the airwaves currently. 

We would also like to reassure our consultants that we are continuing with efforts to secure them positions and that we are actively marketing skills.

We look forward to the time that we can meet face-to-face and celebrate our lives and success together.  Our strength is through unity – ‘Ex Unitate Vires’

Michelle Viret

Managing Director

OpenSource Intelligent Solutions