Remote and flexi working, brought about by lockdown across the globe following the outbreak of the coronavirus, has forced organisations to transition to different ways of organising work structures. As this shift continues, technology is the catalyst that informs new workflows, and advances the introduction of software into new and existing systems that will improve company and related service efficiencies.

One such platform, SAP, is thriving in this environment. “Not that it wasn’t before the pandemic,” says Michelle Viret, Director of OpenSource, a premium South African based recruitment company that sources and mobilises top-calibre SAP experts. “The essence of SAP is resource planning software that mobilises effective operation of all business processes, be that internal or in the provision of external applications that in turn enhance other companies services.”

“For years many of our SAP consultants have worked on a remote basis, whether this be on global or local projects.” Due to way in which SAP has been developed and the high flexibility and integration, the system supports the ability for consultants to work and implement the system to a major extent, on a remote basis. 

Many companies have been caught on the backfoot, with little time to prepare before lockdown and now trying to introduce cloud and mobile based applications to ensure uninterrupted ‘business as usual’ across vast distances.  Companies that have SAP implemented, are certainly ahead of their competitors, where SAP offers robust cloud-based solutions which can be rapidly deployed.  Factors such as security and mobility are part of the base line of solutions offered by SAP.

OpenSource has had an increased number of requests for Enterprise Architects who can provide roadmaps for Cloud-based solutions than ever before. This indicates the number of companies who understand that moving to these latest technologies will be immediately be responsive to the needs of their business and clients.

“For some time, the Retail and Pharmaceutical environment in particular, have been advancing and adopting applications and card systems that track shopping trends and can therefore provide for mass and individual needs.  These are extremely powerful systems that require leading-edge skills.  OpenSource has been affiliated with some of these initiatives and the outcomes of these implementations have been just in time for the Lockdown, where companies that adopted these technologies, are ahead of their competitors.”

SAP offers an extremely powerful platform to address most of these business initiatives.  Planned and implemented in an efficient manner, the product certainly provides clients with the ability to run business as usual whilst being leaders in their field.

“We had more enquiries during lockdown for SAP resources, than we did in the six-months prior,” says Viret. “We are fortunate in that last year we have been testing our recruitment and training offerings, on a cloud-based platform, so we are ready to respond to the needs of our consultants and clients.”

“Interviews have been made easier through on-line platforms, especially when vast distances apply,” says Viret. “Traditionally clients prefer face-to-face meetings however given our expertise in facilitating the placement of SAP resources over 26 years of business, we are able to tap into our vast database of consultants, some of whom we have placed on projects many times over and can provide first hand references.  We can therefore ensure we respond efficiently and effectively to our client’s requests, even during emergencies.”

 “OpenSource is exposed daily to the value that IT brings to our clients. It is not unusual for us to be engaged in strengthening an organisation’s ability to transform or improve their digital platforms, be that with SAP or other solutions,” says Viret.

“It takes planning and efficiencies to rework an architectural landscape of a business.  The consultants we work with understand the need to adapt to changing environments and have stood us in good stead and earned us a solid reputation over almost three decades.”

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